Parasite Cleanse

Are You Infected?

Symptoms of Parasite Infection

There are several symptoms that can be signs of parasite infection. However, many parasites go unnoticed. A parasite’s survival is dependant on how well it can conceal itself. This makes parasite infection very difficult to diagnose. Though if you listen closely to you body and notice the subtle changes that take place you can spot a parasite infection before it causes serious damage.

Digestive Problems

Numerous digestive problems can arise from parasite infections. Intestinal parasites can cause several symptoms normally associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Diarrhea, constipations, gas, and bloating can all be caused by parasites and built up plaques. This sort of environment provides a breeding ground for parasites and and allows them to multiply and grow larger. This is why it is important to flush out parasites and the plaques from which they feed. Once the parasites have been removed you will be able to have normal, regular bowel movements and no longer experience the gas and bloating associated with a poorly functioning digestive system.

Weight Gain

Parasites rob our body of nutrients which can lead to decreased metabolism. Once metabolism is lowered we naturally burn fewer calories in a day. This means our body is storing more calories and gaining weight. Completing a parasite cleanse can restore your normal metabolism and make it easier to lose stubborn weight.

Low Energy Levels

Parasites leach off our energy supplies to live. They steal nutrients and can lower metabolism leaving us feeling tired and fatigued. If you’re noticing a general feeling of fatigue and having trouble explaining why then it may be due to a parasite infection.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Some cases of anemia have been attributed to parasite infection. Parasites stealing from our nutrient supplies can cause our bodies to experience deficiencies. If left unchecked they can leave our bodies weak and malnourished.

Poor Immune System Function

Parasites can even affect our immune system by decreasing our bodies’ production of antibodies. Usually these kinds of symptoms are excused as an abnormal flu season but they can often be due to parasites. Removing parasites can help you immune system function optimally and increase your ability to fight off infection and sickness.


Some allergies can be attributed to parasite infection. Parasites release toxins into our systems that circulate and cause changes and allergic reactions. Rashes and other skin problems can arise with no apparent explanation. Many people note having healthier skin after completing a parasite cleanse.

Unexplained Aches and Pains

Unexplained aches, pains, and swelling have also been linked to parasite infection. Parasites can enclose themselves within the synovial sac of a joint and cause pain. They can also trigger a swelling response form the immune system.

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