New European Pharmacovigilance Legislation In Use

New Pharmacovigilance legislation that was adopted by the European Union in December 2010 is coming to full application in July 2012. This new legislation promises a lot of changes that should increase patient safety and decrease industry spendings by almost 150 million Euros. The 2nd Annual Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies meeting organized by Fleming Europe brings to Rome a Member of the European Parliament responsible for the new PV legislation, 10 major Pharma companies (such as Sanofi-Aventis, Genzyme, BMS, Abbott, Novartis, etc.) and other key Pharma players. They are coming to share the first hand experience on successful implementation of the new PV rules. But this two-day meeting will cover also other important topics that will be shaping the PV market in 2012, such as:
Case studies from 5 different continents on how to create a successful and cost-effective PV system
Overview of PV activities in special populations
Industry experiences on how to pass PV inspections
Risk Management best practices from the EU and the US

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