Traveling Exhibit Offers Closer Look at Cancer

A unique, interactive exhibit is traveling to 12 cities nationwide to educate health-conscious and at-risk people about cancers from the top of the body to the bottom – skin, oral, breast, prostate, lung and colorectal.

The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation’s Check Your Insides Out – From Top to Bottom exhibit features six hands-on, family-friendly learning stations that enable visitors to:

Learn about the effects of sun exposure and the damage it can do to skin.

Walk through a gigantic, 20-foot-long, 8-foot-high colon to see healthy colon tissue and the various stages of colorectal cancer.

Listen to lungs “talk” about lung cancer facts.

Check out the inside of a large mouth to get the scoop on oral cancer prevention.

Learn early detection tips for prostate cancer.

Test knowledge of breast cancer and increase awareness of the facts.

“No matter your age, you should know the risk factors and symptoms for all types of cancer and know your family medical history,” said Carolyn Aldige, president and founder of the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. “The Check Your Insides Out – From Top to Bottom Tour educates adults, students and children alike about cancer prevention, risks, early detection and treatment through an interactive format. It even helps visitors outline their family history.”

The Tour will be traveling across America until February 2005. To find out if it is coming to a town near you, visit

The Check Your Insides Out – From Top to Bottom Tour is sponsored by the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation and made possible by Bristol Myers-Squibb Co. and ImClone Systems Incorporated.

The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation was started in 1985 when Aldige first understood the power of prevention to defeat cancer and recognized that too few of the country’s resources were used to promote cancer prevention research or education.

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