Rosacea – The Red Blush That Becomes Permanent

Rosacea – what is it?

Rosacea is also called adult acne or acne rosacea. But it has nothing to do with acne. In rosacea what happen is this. You will notice that you show red blush or flushing of the center part of your face in the beginning. That may happen after sun exposure or after eating spicy foods or drinking alcoholic drinks etc. But slowly this blush will become permanent and your face will always look red at the center. Slowly the color may spread to other parts of the face and acne like papules may form.

Rosacea – Am I prone?

No body knows the cause of rosacea. Nor it is known about who may be prone to rosacea. It is thought that it is a disease of the blood vessels of the face. When it develops further, you may notice red veins like spider veins on your face. Most of the men develop red big nose because of rosacea.

Rosacea – are there any complications?

Your eyes may get involved if you don’t get roseasea treated. You will feel gritty in the eyes and must consult your doctor immediately. As said earlier, men may develop very bad looking red big noses that may need surgery to correct the shape.

Rosacea – what should I do?

If anytime you notice that you are getting red color easily on your face, watch if it is becoming permanent. Please consult your doctor immediately if it does and bring your rosacea under control. Knowing more about what triggers your rosacea will help you.

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