Is The Bird Flu Going To Be The Death Of Us? It Can Be

All this talk to bird flu has really thrown us all into a tizzy these days but is it something that we really need to be so concerned about? Well, this really depends on who you ask. Some experts will tell you that this new outbreak of bird flu is going to wipe out one third of the worlds population while another stands by and simply scoffs at such a prediction. Getting down to the bottom of the bird flu is hard to do and in the end there is not much you can do about it either way.

So far the bird flu has not spread to all countries, and the vast majority of those who have been affected actually handled the birds or came into contact with contaminated spaces. So if this is anything to go by, if you do not have chickens then you should be safe from the bird flu. There have been no reports as of yet of any bird flu victims catching the flu from other people, only from the birds themselves. I don’t know about you but this certainly puts my mind at rest somewhat.

There is more than one strain of bird flu however and they all act a little differently and like any other virus is subject to constant mutations. The current strain of bird flu may not be passed from human to human yet but in time it may learn to transmit itself in this fashion. Viruses are smart and they learn quickly so even if you have no contact with any birds you need to watch out and take some precautions.

You will need to start being even more hygienic that you already are to avoid catching bird flu. Wash your hands more often and do not touch people if you do not have to. For example when you are out and you meet someone don’t necessarily shake their hand and if you do wash your hands right away. This is your health and it is even more important than always being overly polite.

There are also vaccines that are being developed as you read that will hopefully be able to lower your chances of contracting bird flu. These vaccines have gotten a lot of hype lately and we can only hope that they are as effective as they are said to be in containing and eliminating the bird flu.

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