The Most Common Flu Symptoms Explained

People all over the world are always catching the flu and there is nothing worse than a flu symptom, any flu symptoms really and unfortunately many a flu symptom will come hand in hand with others. This leads to awful illnesses that can last for days and even a week or more. There is one more common flu symptom though, that many people tend to suffer from.

The most common flu symptom by far is the chills. Everyone dreads getting the chills because there is simply nothing that can be done about them. No matter how many blankets you put on or how many you take off this annoying flu symptom will persist and keep you feeling alternately hot and cold all day long.

There is another common flu symptom and that is sweating and fever. These always go hand in hand with a bad case of the flu. A flu symptom like sneezing or coughing is not usually far behind either. The flu is one of those viruses that cause all manner of different flu symptoms and they are all equally disturbing to those suffering from them.

There is not really any flu symptom that is tolerable, they are all going to make your next few days terrible but keep in mind that this flu symptom too shall pass. All you need to do in order to make sure you get over your flu symptom or flu symptoms is get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids.

Most medicines will not help much with any flu symptom. Some over the counter medications can mask your symptoms somewhat but these do not always work and they never speed up the healing time of the flu symptom. The only thing that makes your actual flu better is time and rest.

If you think that you might have the stomach flu then you may want to go to see a doctor because this could actually be something like parasites or food poisoning. These can get serious so if you are feeling a lot of pain in your stomach and massive vomiting and diarrhea then you are not really suffering from a regular flu symptom and the doctor may be able to help you.

Learning more about each kind of flu symptom will not hurt either, at least that way you will have some idea as to what to expect from a flu symptom.

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