Keeping a Vaccine for a Dead Disease: Life for Polio

Nigeria has discovered cases of mutated polio virus in within their borders. How can this be? There is a vaccine for polio so it should be well taken care of. If you follow that pattern of thought you would be monstrously mistaken. In actuality the mutation of the polio virus is due to the oral form that is distributed in that region coupled with the drop off of the number of people receiving the vaccine. A sixty percent of the Nigerian population is refusing to get the vaccine due to rumors that it sterilizes Muslim girls and the vaccine carries the AIDS virus. The only way to contain is to continue vaccination. The only problem is that Nigerians’ polio out break was a mutated vaccine form.

Nigerians receive an oral vaccine with a live form of the polio virus and that is what gets passed around and mutated. If Nigerians were given a shot version of the polio vaccine which is dead, or inactive, then there would be no polio outbreaks. That in essence is not the only concern.

The great cause for alarm is what is in the polio vaccination itself. The polio vaccine has SV 40 in it. SV 40 is a cancer causing virus that is tied to brain, bone and lung tumors. The polio vaccine also has more than 26 monkey viruses in it. There is no need to put these harmful agents into our body to protect a disease that outside of the vaccine would not exist. Polio was a prevalent disease in a time where sanitation was poor. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century where sewer systems were just being implemented, food storage was just developing technology, and hygiene was not as well practice. Today there have been so much advancement in water sanitation and improvement in the previous categories that it makes antiquated diseases like polio and small pox less likely to be contracted. There were various oral disease like piranha in those days that are incredibly rare today due to gained intelligence over oral health and hygiene.

So, why are people still submitting their children to the polio vaccine? Sadly, it is because the general public is so programmed. No one questions the possible dangers of vaccines and just stands in line and get their list of required vaccines checked off. The government officials of course need campaign money and therefore are owned by big money insurance companies and medical research facilities. It makes you question if trusting the people you elected is possible. It also makes you consider how heartless people can be and how they are out to make money at all costs. Even though people are dying and new diseases are being formed they need to make money off of a vaccine that is no longer needed. People need to understand that we should not have the government be our medical consultant. Dr. Ron Paul once brilliantly said, “When we give the power to government to make medical decisions for us, in essence, the state owns our bodies.” Everyone should consider that jarring thought.

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